Energy Cost vs Savings with Vinyl Windows

A superior way to lower your electric bill up to 30% is to install energy efficient replacement windows. They add comfort to your home and increase its overall curb appeal and value.

* From the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. Ameriside installs Energy Star certified windows.

* Additionally windows from Ameriside meet or exceed  CA Title 24, which are California’s energy efficiency standards.

Heating Season Savings

Even her with our vaunted Southern California sunny climate. We experience a heating season. Your windows represent a major source of unwanted heat loss, discomfort, and condensation problems. Recently, windows have undergone a technological revolution. It is now possible to have lower heat loss. Virtually no air leakage, and a warmer window surface that improves comfort and minimizes condensation. Now, even in Southern California, this means that windows are no longer an energy loser to be avoided — increasing glazing area with high-performance windows can have little or no effect on total energy use.

Cooling Season Savings

Our Energy cost versus savings with vinyl windowsclimate here mostly requires cooling. Especially relevant, as you move away from the coast. In the past windows have represented a major source of unwanted heat gain. Again, recently windows have transformed with technology. It is now a reality that you can significantly reduce solar heat gain and improve comfort while providing clear views and daylight. In warmest regions of Southern California, this means that high-performance windows can face into the sun if desired without great energy penalties — although shading techniques remain important.

When you take a hard look at the Energy cost versus savings with vinyl windows equation. For energy savings, comfort, and resale the results are clear, vinyl windows come out on top.

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