DuraCool Patio Covers by United Duralume

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DuraCool by United Duralume

Why a patio cover? Let’s face it, when the weather is nice we all want to be outdoors! A patio cover is an elegant and value-adding addition to your home or back yard. A patio cover, provides shelter, shade, and comfort when your family is outside.

Something to keep in mind when having a patio cover installed are:

  • Style of patio cover
  • Material type
  • Cost of the cover
  • Speed and quality of installation
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty
Synthetic grass & patio cover
Amazing pristine artificial turf & duraCool patio cover transformation.

In the past, many homeowners looked to wood for their patio needs. After some time, the patio cover would become worn and faded, with peeling paint. The cover would then need to be sanded and painted again. That was for the lucky ones. The unlucky owners would find the patio cover had rotted, and in danger of falling over. Still worse the patio cover could be infested with termites, putting the entire home and investment at risk.

Not anymore, with a DuralCool patio cover, sanding, painting, rotten wood and termites are all things of the past.

The people behind Ameriside have been diligently improving homes all across Southern California. We would be privileged to install your new patio cover. Our approach is consultative our prices competitive.

DuraCool melds design and technology to provide our customers with not only a classic and timeless patio cover, but one that is also superior to traditional patio covers. Thanks to DuraCool’s advanced technology solid covers, your previously hot patio will now be a “made in the shade” oasis.

DuraCool innovations also include rich-embossed HD wood grain texture, which delivers the appearance of wood and the weather-resistance power of aluminum. Plus, we DuraCool covers are engineered to include the option of attaching a fan & light fixture beam to enhance your daytime and nighttime gatherings.

Duracool color choices
A variety of colors to choose from

We have 100’s of styles to choose from including: open, enclosed, lattice, covered, insulated covered, and many more. If you can dream it we can do it! Our DuraCool patio covers come in a range of color choices. We specialize in DuraCool, which melds the beauty of wood, with the benefit of being maintenance free. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can enjoy your new patio cover worry free. Our DuraCool patio cover will never rot, become infested with termites, or need painting. Most installs can be accomplished in one day. Get your free in-home estimate today!

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