Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating

Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating by Ameriside and Lifetime Plus, imagine never having to paint your home again, plus saving money on home energy costs! Your dream has been realized, Cool Life heat reflective coating is many times thicker than paint and more durable. A waterproof coating that’s breathable. Cool Life uses a patented technology developed specifically for reflecting the Sun’s natural heat waves.

Elastomeric Coating
Lifetime Plus Heat Reflective Coating

Its proprietary formula’s technology allows for more of this radiant heat to bounce off instead of absorbing, keeping your home cooler. Cool Life is water based and also one of the most environmentally friendly products for the coatings industry.

Professionally installed-all Lifetime Plus Coating products are installed by trained licensed and certified professionals. Every step of the Cool Life heat reflective coating process from initial preparation to polished finish is thoroughly researched and applied.

A strong tradition of dependable Service- Lifetime Plus and Life Paint product installations have been ongoing since 1963.

Satisfaction Guaranteed-Many Life Paint products have lifetime guarantees. Lifetime Plus Coatings of America surpasses the industry standard with their transferable 10 year Product Warranty and Lifetime Warranty against “cracking” or “peeling”.

Cool Life Reflective Heat Coating and artificial turf
Installed Cool Life Reflective Heat Coating and artificial turf

Reliable Company-For 50 years, Life Paint products have been in the business of helping homeowners and companies protect their exterior surfaces from sun, wind, rain, dirt, smog and old age.

You’ll see a tremendous return on investment (ROI). The service life, of Cool Life coating, extends well beyond the life of ordinary paint, better for the environment, and better for you. Save money, avoid costly repainting, no worries, no hassle.

Cool Life heat reflective coating provides customers with stucco homes an advanced way to save energy, stay cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter. The other benefit with Cool Life Heat Reflective coating is low maintenance, and we can color match pretty much any shade you wish.

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