5 Bay Window Design Ideas for a Better View

bay window designs

Bay windows are design elements used to make a room look bigger and brighter. They add beauty and elegance to any home. When you include other design elements, like cushions, drapes, seats, or plants, your bay window will become an even more attractive space. Let’s talk about how to decorate bay windows to create areas where you can relax and spend some peaceful time at home.

Contemporary Shades

One of the most popular ideas for bedrooms or living rooms with bay windows is to decorate them in a contemporary style. You can add rods to your windows and create a decorative grid, or you can leave the glass unobstructed and add vertical blinds that let the sunlight up the space in different ways.

This type of bay window design style adds value to your home as it upgrades the view with elegance. You can decorate it with different furniture, like a built-in desk or add a decorative table. Use a neutral color palette with white and light colors for a clean look.


The minimalist trend can make your bay window a stylish space that highlights the view. You can add rods to make a simple square or rectangular grid in your window, or cover it with rattan shades or a light fabric curtain to create a minimalistic ambiance in the room. Decorate the space with natural tones in light brown, dark brown, white, or beige. Consider adding some simple pottery or a plant or two.

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Classic Window Seats

Window seats can complement your bay window design in a lovely way. Adding seats creates an inviting and familiar space that’s as cozy and comfortable as possible. Create an accent with the cushions by using brightly colored fabrics that invite your guests to take a seat and enjoy the view. Add drapes to the windows that match the rest of your furniture.

Roller Shade Blinds

If you want the sunlight to illuminate your home, leave most of your window unobstructed. Instead of using drapes or curtains, you can opt for roller shade blinds so that nothing blocks the view.

This design idea can transform your room into an elegantly illuminated space that’s perfect for stargazing every night. Add plants and other natural decorative elements to compliment the view.

Layered Windows

If you’re looking to add style as well as functionality to the room, you can layer your bay window curtains with shades. Use neutral colors that don’t draw too much attention, so that the bay window remains highlighted. Pair the colors and materials of the shades and curtains with the other elements in the room to create an integrated space.

With this decor style, you’ll be in control of how much light comes into the room and you’ll be creating an accent for your bay window. Complete the room decoration with plants, photographs, or paintings that make a cozier space where you can spend time during the day, as well as at night.

Bay Windows for Your Home

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