The Contrast Between Siding Styles

benefits of siding styles

Siding serves both a functional and an aesthetic purpose. In terms of function, vinyl siding offers protection from the elements. In terms of aesthetics, siding plays a key role in a house’s appearance and curb appeal. There are a variety of siding styles and types that homeowners can choose from. These depend on the architectural […]

5 Bay Window Design Ideas for a Better View

bay window designs

Bay windows are used as design elements to make a room look bigger and brighter. They add beauty and elegance to any home. Enhancing your bay windows with other design elements such as cushions, drapes, seats, or plants will beautify your living space. Now, let’s talk about how to decorate bay windows to create areas […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Applying Elastomeric Paint

elastomeric paint

When you want a finished look for an outdoor project, paint is usually the go-to covering. If the surface you are covering is a water-bearing surface, or if it tends to flex a bit due to stress from winds, foot traffic or snow load, then elastomeric paint is ideal. “Elastomeric” is defined as a substance […]

Top Pros and Cons of Elastomeric Paint

elastomeric paint

Elastomeric paint can be very useful for outdoor projects. It’s known for its ability to protect outdoor masonry surfaces, create a waterproof coating, and much more. Although, there are situations where extra care must be taken. Let’s take a look at some of the top advantages and disadvantages of elastomeric paint. Pros Thick and Durable […]